Business development

Please note: the OMG Network is still in development, and some details cannot yet be included. This knowledge base will be revised regularly to include updates and additional details.

OmiseGO takes an integrated approach to community engagement and business development. "True crypto projects build communities, not consumers." It also becomes difficult to separate community engagement from business development when you are simultaneously creating a completely free and open source product and an n-sided marketplace; your success depends on the health of a complex ecosystem of partners and collaborators; and your product is equally aimed at enterprise providers and individuals operating entirely free of intermediaries.

Implementing this approach, OmiseGO has done no paid marketing (including bounties) and provided no discounts during its crowdsale to anyone, including VCs and media groups. Nonetheless, the OmiseGO subreddit and Twitter account have the highest subscription rates of any Ethereum project so far.

Notable examples of OmiseGO Community/BizDev:

  • /u/omise_go < - > /u/DanielFore (Founder, CEO of elementary LLC): "For years, we in the crypto industry have been discussing the idea that operating systems would eventually have built-in secure digital wallet services. . . . This is actually your opportunity. Imagine a scenario where a developer can simply include a wallet address or a public key in their distributed application, and Elementary provides the UX for making that all stick together perfectly. The developer gets paid directly, in any cryptocurrency they want to accept, with no middle-man at all. That would be a game-changer in every sense, and you guys are in a absolutely ideal position to make it happen. . . . Since we love Elementary and what you guys are trying to do, we'd be happy to share what we know and guide you through it, as surely would most good teams working towards such ends. . . . In short, a set of smart contracts could be created for Elementary that allow pass-through decentralized token exchange as discussed here PLUS the split, so that developers could be paid in any token (but importantly, receiving only what they want), and Elementary also gets a cut." (13 Feb 2018)

  • @APompliano: "The most intelligent engineers I know are all incredibly excited about OmiseGo (OMG). It is the number one token they talk about. I find it interesting that the platform they see the most long term value in is rarely discussed publicly." (6:40 AM - 27 Jan 2018 | 353 Retweets | 1,398 Likes) (@omise_go responded)

  • Stripe, Inc.: "Despite this, we remain very optimistic about cryptocurrencies overall. There are a lot of efforts that we view as promising and that we can certainly imagine enabling support for in the future. We’re interested in what’s happening with Lightning and other proposals to enable faster payments. OmiseGO is an ambitious and clever proposal; more broadly, Ethereum continues to spawn many high-potential projects." (Stripe, Ending Bitcoin Support, 23 Jan 2018) (@omise_go responded)