eWallet Update 10

We’ve been pretty busy getting ready for Devcon, but we’ve still managed to get some good coding done! Here’s what we’ve been working on since the last update:

eWallet Application

  • Finalized the eWallet settings feature (#493). This one turned out to be much more complex than we anticipated: on order to manage settings/configuration of the eWallet in a way that users can update it without having to restart the app, we had to create a new sub-application called ewallet_config.

  • Fixed a bug where preloaded exchange pairs weren’t loading properly in consumptions (#497)

  • Improved transaction flow in our iOS Point of Sale Applications using the transaction request/consumption feature from the eWallet and websocket communication (#38)

  • Released iOS SDK 1.1.0-beta2 (#106)

  • Implemented support transaction request for admin module on the Android SDK (#75)

Android Point of Sale Applications

  • Added version number and endpoint address to the profile and signin pages on Client Application (#18)

  • Implemented balance detail page on Client Application and ability to set a primary token (#19)

  • Changed to Android Navigation Component, for improved navigation flow

  • Implemented support for transaction requests on Client Application (#21)

  • Added a new sub-app dedicated to load testing (#499)

Coming up:

We’ll be working toward completing v1.1 before we jump on to blockchain in v1.2. Next up we’ll be working on features including:

  • Admin permission matrix

  • Transaction auditing

  • Improving error reporting

  • Further additions to iOS & Android Point of Sale apps

You can always follow our progress on the eWallet Waffle board!