eWallet Update 11

Some members of the team were at the Devcon last week, supporting the release of the Plasma Dog demo and connecting with other projects in the space. On a more technical note, here are the various improvements we’ve made since our last update:

  • Implemented full verification flow for admin email update (#511)

  • Fixed match_any not being picked up while fetching records (#504)

  • Fixed improper error handling for filtering of disallowed fields (#506)

  • Fixed filtering bug that returned duplicate records (#508)

  • Fixed filtering error on /api/admin/account.get_wallets (#514)

  • Fixed bugs and race condition in the settings system (#493)

  • Added configuration endpoints (#515)

  • Improved keyword filtering on advanced search on admin panel (#512)

  • Fixed bug in login error handling on admin panel (#512)

  • Improved UI design for transaction creation (#510)

  • Designed admin panel with on-chain properties

  • Refactored the Android POS Merchant Application and added more tests (#26)

  • Implemented transaction request support on Android POS Merchant Application (#27)

  • Implemented transaction request support on Android SDK admin panel (#75)

Coming up: we’re still making our way through the remaining features for 1.1. You can also follow our progress on the eWallet Waffle board and in our GitHub Milestones page!