eWallet Update 03

Hello! We’re back for another quick update on this week’s eWallet progress.

What has been done on the eWallet?

  • Once again, we’ve spent time testing, writing tests and fixing the bugs that came out (#351, #352, #353, #354, #355, #356, #331, #336, #337)

  • Fixed the exchange support in transaction request, which was only partially working (#339)

  • Updated eWallet documentations (#338)

  • Refined design for Admin panel (#344)

  • Started working on configuration improvement (#343)

  • Support to add network interceptors for OKHttp for debugging purpose and fixed bugs in the Android SDK (#59, #61, #62)

  • Other fixes and improvements (#333)

The next steps:

  • Improve websocket support for the Android SDK

  • Draft OIP for private contracts (OIP-5)

  • Draft OIP for key management (OIP-6)

  • Draft OIP for blockchain adapter (OIP-7)

  • Start working on a new sample mobile application to illustrate merchant/user interactions allowed by the eWallet

We have also started migrating tasks from our private issue tracker to a public issue tracker which uses GitHub issues and PRs. This will allow everyone to more easily track eWallet development progress as well as encourage open discussion and contributions from the community (that’s you!) regarding feature implementation.