eWallet Update 04

We’ve spent much of the week preparing for an event in Tokyo on July 28 where we will host about 40 developers and prospective implementers for a mini conference and hands-on workshop with three members of the eWallet team as well as Plasma Padawan Kelvin. Attendees will be led through the process of setting up the SDK on their own devices as well as get a tutorial on running a Plasma chain.

We’re still coding through it all! This week’s eWallet improvements:

  • Finalized and merged the Readme update PR #338: updated ReadMe reflecting the move out of beta now showing on the front page of the eWallet repo

  • Removed Salty as a dependency (removing the need for Libsodium altogether) #375

  • Designed fixes in the admin panel #376 #389 #388

  • Fixed a bug where a disabled access key could still be used #379

Coming up:

  • eWallet Workshop in Japan

  • Advanced Filtering system

  • OmiseGO Improvement Proposal (OIP) detailing how the eWallet can work with a blockchain

You can also follow our progress on the eWallet Waffle board!