Please note: the OMG Network is still in development, and some details cannot yet be included. This knowledge base will be revised regularly to include updates and additional details.

eWallet Suite:

  • eWallet 1.0.0 has been released and is open-source and publicly available, with version 1.1 in the pipeline. In the current iteration, issuers can mint and send tokens within a local ledger.

  • iOS, Android and Ruby SDKs are in place

  • Merchant and client side Point of Sale applications are being developed for iOS and Android.

Integration Libraries

  • Demo applications are being integrated on internal testnet

  • JavaScript (chosen as the first because it’s the most widely used) library is up and running.

Devcon4 will be a bit of a coming out party for the integration library — friends from another project have built an app that marks the first full stack integration, running on our internal testnet, which will be available for people to play with during the conference.

Coming Up

  • Integration libraries for other languages and frameworks, starting with elixir

  • Blockchain integration for the eWallet beginning with v1.2