Current state

Please note: the OMG Network is still in development, and some details cannot yet be included. This knowledge base will be revised regularly to include updates and additional details.

OmiseGO has committed to move from PoA to PoS once they are satisfied that PoS is safe for stakers and users as Tesuji develops through rapid iterations. OmiseGO has further noted that, similar to how the DEX design couldn’t really be finalized until the Plasma chain was in a pretty advanced state, it doesn’t make sense to finalize the PoS design until the DEX design has been built out to some extent.

In terms of reporting development toward PoS, OmiseGO has clarified that "[n]ews about progress on Plasma or the DEX is also news of progress toward PoS." Although OmiseGO has a general framework, there isn’t much to report in the meantime because that framework doesn’t really get defined in a granular way until the time comes to put it into action — at which time it gets defined pretty rapidly.