OmiseGO AMA #2

PoA is what’s currently on internal testnet. We’re not giving a specific timeframe for testing - we just test it until we’re done testing it - but we’ll continue to share audit results (as we have already done with the mostly-done Quantstamp audits) and be open about progress.

As for moving to PoS, it’s not really a straight line from PoA to PoS in the way this question implies. The part that needs heavy testing isn’t the PoA aspect, it’s all the stuff that the A oversees. The initial Tesuji launch is fairly basic and there will be a number of rapid iterations as well as DEX implementation to follow, during which plenty of things could go wrong and we don't want to introduce additional uncertainty. We’ll introduce PoS once we feel satisfied that it’s safe for stakers and users.

Yes and yes. Work with the conglomerates mentioned is going forward as planned; big businesses tend to take their time (for good reason) when adopting new technologies.

We understand there’s a lot of curiosity around so we’ll play along here, but we do need to add the usual caveat that it is a separate subsidiary of Omise Holdings, operating entirely independently and under different regulatory and business/competitive conditions, and as such we can only provide a certain level of insight into their operations. OmiseGO develops business relationships as part of their mandate in order to facilitate adoption of the OMG Network, but OmiseGO isn’t (and won’t be) acquiring exchanges.

As we’ve been informed, Omise Holdings has looked into several acquisitions, and is continuing to do so. However, the nature of business is such that any potential acquisition requires thorough due diligence. We do not have further information beyond this.

The staking that was planned in Q2 was Honte, which was planned as a Tendermint chain with a significantly simplified version of both the DEX and PoS mechanisms. Plasma staking was never expected to go live in Q2. The roadmap said “Q4 and beyond” for Plasma staking and other milestones because, as we’ve stated before, it’s simply not practical to accurately predict launch dates for multiple parallel developments from 6-9 months out.

Similar to how the DEX design couldn’t really be finalized until the Plasma chain was in a pretty advanced state, it doesn’t make sense to finalize the PoS design until the DEX design has been built out to some extent. Although we have a general framework in mind, there hasn’t been “news” about it because that framework doesn’t really get defined in a granular way until the time comes to put it into action - at which time it gets defined very quickly.

We understand that the PoS aspect of OMG is of interest to a lot of people, and that it’s frustrating not to have more PoS-specific updates; but it might help to consider that all of these elements are part of the same construction. News about progress on Plasma or the DEX is also news of progress toward PoS.